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Saturday, August 30, 2008


.Befriends with bunch of different types of people.

We meet, we laugh, we fight, we back together again, we smile, we walk, we eat,
we gossips, we make troubles, and any other things that
we DID and DO together.
Thats how our Friendship goes.
Even some of them are in other schools or classes,
We still manage to keep in touch. We still close and we LOVE each other.

Fighting, unsatisfy-ing, jealousy, prejudice, misunderstanding, and any other
Friendship problems are normal.
The different is how we SOLVE our problems together. :)

and yeah.. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE...

Started in primary school. Suhaila, Erisya, Sabrina, Syakirah n Intan.

(all of us are in different schools right now)

and then, Secondary school with different people as in the primary's.

Secondary friend meet up with my primary school friend

and I meet their primary school friend.

and we even hang out together..

Both from primary's and secondary's

Grown up together in Secondary since Form 1.

Secondary school friends

and bestfriends..

Then i met these girls from other secondary school

and we become close..

But I'll never forget my other friends.

(coz it will take forever for me to forget all of you.hehe)

We've been together through ups and downs
Never classified them into something like
Primary or secondary
New or OLD.
Coz they're all my friends.
and will always be my friends
Even we're not gonna be close like we used to.


...and i miss them too. =(


Naqiba said...

menarik ttng friendship nie!:))

husna said...

awh sweetttt!

EykaHamasuba said...

hehe mekasih qiba and husna..hehe