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Sunday, August 03, 2008


Sebelum tu, JIWANG betul la entry sebelom ni. Cheyy, takmain aa jiwang-jiwang ni kan.. hahaha:P Rase kelakar lak bile bace balik. Kihkihkih. Biase la tu kot? Lupekan je la yeh sebab entry kali ni pun jiwang agaknye. Hahaha.

Anyway, why everyone's changing? including me too, OBVIOUSLY. friends, surrounding, family and everything! Honestly, i miss the old time. Dunno why. This year is the dullest year ever! Sorry for saying that but that is what i really think.

Maybe it's just my feeling. (??) But trully missing you guys! Everyone, including my myspace FRIENDS! and my REAL FRIENDS whom i met and meet everyday at school. Having fun meeting you guys and hope it'll always be like that. :)

and SORRY for EVERYTHING! everything and anything that includes me in your problem. And thanks to friends who cheering up my schooldays everyday! and for those who dull-ing up my day, u cannot feat THEM. yeah!! haha thanks to them.

Maybe i am the one who make it dull. or maybe I am the one who think it that way which is actually NOT. But it's just a 'maybe' which is 'kot' in bahasa. Nothing is so sure bout my feeling when 'it' is in THIS mood. Ahhh whatever! Kite bolos aje! :P