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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog and Songs.

Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Im feeling bored lah with my layout. Dunno why aaaa. Maybe sebab dah hari-hari tengok bende same so makin jemu. But im lazy to change it. Nevermind, i'll think of something later. My blog is kinda heavy right? With all of the pictures.. Maybe i should make it mooooooooore simple.

Yesterday, my sister (Julia) opened up my blog and she listen to the songs. I wont mind if she just shut up and listen. But, she started to say like.. Eh! Peh lagu jiwang. Sejak bileeeee?? So i explained to her something blablabla but she wont listen to me hahaha she just said like.. Hmmm,yelatu*with sarcastic smiles and stare. haha

Okay ppl, especially to my sarcastic sister, HAHA. I wud like you guys to know that im putting the jiwang-jiwang and soft music in my blog is because.. I just want the readers to have this feeling of calmness. ECEH. maksudnye, interested and feeling soft and calm la with the music while reading my blog. It is also called as HOSPITALITY. hehe

Imagine if i put Avenged Sevenfold's music here. SURE you'll leave before you even started to read right? Besides, the songs i put here are my favourite songs. I mean, i like all of the songs! If not, why i put it in here right? Hehe

Btw, the songs are kinda STUCK la sometime. Sometimes smooth but the other time you have to wait for the songs to load. IDK why but Myflashfetish dah makin sengal la sekarang ni. It depends on our line kot. Whatever la. Hahaha.