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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hari Kasih Sayang.

What's up with the title ey? I dont know. Really? Yeah. really. Oh well, hari ni hari isnin dan cuti sekolah baru je start. Start hari ni sampai hari jumaat kami cuti! YEY! no plan for cuti cuti ni. Just duduk rumah je. Ingat nak buat revision. Heh, INGAT je. Buatnye taktau bile.

Btw, i dunno why i got this feeling. Feeling of LOVE! Miahahah. Tak percaya? Its up to you then. But THIS feeling of love for today is just for my beloved bestfriend, Hanim Hafifi Shaharuddin! Err what? Beloved friend? Ehm. since when saye mule nak beloved beloved ngan awak ni ha hanim? *curious. and then puke. haha!:P

Btw, seriously i love this woman la. Eventhough sumtimes you annoyed me with your superlong rambling bout everything and anything in your surrounding. Even for a tiny little piece of things. Haha. We understand each other veeeery well and that's why we always fight kan kan?

Hard to explain bout our friendship. It's just.. HARD. only we know how it goes. No need to explain just wanted you to know that Im happy to be her friend. and i know she feels the same too. haha. No matter what, I love her for HER. She is my bestfriend and thats what we'll always be!:) xoxo

To hanim: Gile tak percaye lak saye berjiwang pasal awak kat sini. kakakakaka. :P HERE to know more bout Hanim. Oh btw, i seriously need to study! and REVISE! seriously.=O