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Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain Juara Euro 2008!

Enough said. Wpun tak tengok semalam! Sebab Man dan Ijat serta rakan-rakan mereka konker tv. Kuangasam tol. Pastu suh budak sekolah tido. Haha. tapi tido kol 3 lebih gak. Time tu Torres (pakwe ain) dah goalkan 1 yang akhirnye menjadikan Spain sebagai juara! yeaaaaaaaaaay!!

Kan seronok kalo dapat tengok semalam. tapi.. nak buat camne ye dak? Tak kisah, asalkan Spain menang dah la. hehehe.

Ok lah, nak g gosok baju. Jap lg nak g sekola. :D

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pening dan pening!!

Tadi kawan mesej, tanye teka teki ni..

Ali nak beli baju harga RM50 tp xde duit. So die pinjam kat kawan A RM25 dan kawan B RM25. Mase nak beli die tengok harga baju turun jadi RM45. Jadi dia bayar dapat baki RM5. Lepas tu, die bayar kawan A RM1 ngan kawan B RM1. Jadi tinggal kat tangan die RM3. Hutang die kat kawan A tinggal RM24 dan B RM24.

RM24+RM24=RM48. (so hutang tinggal rm48)

Macam mane boleh ade lebih RM1? Mane datang RM1 tu ye?
Sedangkan die just pinjam RM50 je.

Maybe teka-teki tu dah lame tapi sape ade jawapan yang tak memeningkan sile sumbangkan jawapan anda tu ye. Sebab wpun da dapat jawapan die, still rase pening. Camne ntah leh ade lebih RM1.

haihhh. kerek tol soklan neh. buat sakit otak je. hahaha :P

Final Euro 2008 malam ni..

Spain VS German

Agak-agak sape menang? Mesti la harap Spain bleh menang! Hehe. tapi German kuat sangat kut. Entah la. Taktahu sangat. Haha. Tapi nanti pagi tak dapat tengok bola! :( Sebab abang ajak kawan die datang umah. Takkan nak tengok skali ngan dorang. Segan la kan. Huhu. tapi tengok la camne. Haihh.. :S

Papepun esok sekolah! wuuuwuu..Esok mesti sume orang mate bengkak sebab tengok final. Hahaha. Tapi sayangnye tak dapat nak tengok! Sibuk je Man ajak kawan die datang. Haishh. Hm entah sejak bile minat tengok bola. Sejak tengok match Spain Russia aritu agaknye la kot. aha :P

Go Spain! Go Go!:P

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Behind The Name...

Fatin Zulaikha

Reliable, intelligent and skillful you like to experiment and apply your abilities to productive projects. Being cautious and well disciplined you think things through carefully before taking action. Appreciating peace and beauty you need to have harmony in your life and enjoy relaxing times alone. Your charm, honesty and sense of fair play ensure that you are admired by all who know you.

COPYCAT DAN PENIRU: You're an idiot! Bila nak insaf ye?

Nasihat untuk anda: Isilah masa dengan mencari attitude sendiri daripada melakukan kerja yang tak berfaedah dengan mengikut cara dan gaya orang lain. Sebabnya, takde orang suka berkawan dengan orang yang takde personality. Kerja nak tiru orang je, ape kes?

Lagi satu, saya menyampah gile dengan peniru. Orang buat macam ni, die pun ikut. Walaupun hanye ikut dan tiru sikit-sikit je ingat saye taktahu la yeh? Gile annoying dan menyampah tahu dak? Haishhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Kepada yg terasa tu memang sah andalah orang yang sedang saye cakapkan ni.

Jadi apa lagi? Ubahlah sikap tu sket! =/
*satu kebetulan.updated!

Goldilocks And The Three Bears...

Once upon a time in a large forest, close to a village, stood the cottage where the Teddy Bear family lived. They were not really proper Teddy Bears, for Father Bear was very big, Mother Bear was middling in size, and only Baby Bear could be described as a Teddy Bear.

Each bear had its own size of bed. Father Bear's was large and nice and comfy. Mother Bear's bed was middling in size, while Baby Bear had a fine little cherrywood bed that Father Bear had ordered from a couple of beaver friends.

Beside the fireplace, around which the family sat in the evenings, stood a large carved chair for the head of the house, a delightful blue velvet armchair for Mother Bear, and a very little chair for Baby Bear.

Neatly laid out on the kitchen table stood three china bowls. A large one for Father Bear, a smaller one for Mother Bear, and a little bowl for Baby Bear.

The neighbors were all very respectful to Father Bear and people raised their hats when he went by. Father Bear liked that and he always politely replied to their greetings. Mother Bear had lots of friends. She visited them in the afternoons to exchange good advice and recipes for jam and bottled fruit.

Baby Bear, however, had hardly any friends. This was partly because he was rather a bully and liked to win games and arguments. He was a pest too and always getting into mischief. Not far away, lived a fair-haired little girl who had a similar nature to Baby Bear, only she was haughty and stuck-up as well, and though Baby Bear often asked her to come and play at his house, she always said no.

One day, Mother Bear made a nice pudding. It was a new recipe, with blueberries and other crushed berries. Her friends told her it was delicious. When it was ready, she said to the family:

"It has to be left to cool now, otherwise it won't taste nice. That will take at least an hour. Why don't we go and visit the Beavers' new baby? Mummy Beaver will be pleased to see us." Father Bear and Baby Bear would much rather have tucked into the pudding, warm or not, but they liked the thought of visiting the new baby.

'We must wear our best clothes, even for such a short visit. Everyone at the Beavers' will be very busy now, and we must not stay too long!" And so they set off along the pathway towards the river bank. A short time later, the stuck-up little girl, whose name was Goldilocks, passed by the Bears' house as she picked flowers.

"Oh, what an ugly house the Bears have!" said Goldilocks to herself as she went down the hill. "I'm going to peep inside! It won't be beautiful like my house, but I'm dying to see where Baby Bear lives.' Knock! Knock! The little girl tapped on the door. Knock! Knock! Not a sound...

"Surely someone will hear me knocking," Goldilocks said herself, impatiently. "Anyone at home?" she called, peering round the door. Then she went into the empty house and started to explore the kitchen.

"A pudding!" she cried, dipping her finger into the pudding Mother Bear had left to cool. "Quite nice!" she murmured, spooning it from Baby Bear's bowl. In a twinkling, the bowl lay empty on a messy table. With a full tummy, Goldilocks went on exploring.

"Now then, this must be Father Bear's chair, this will be Mother Bear's, and this one must belong to my friend, Baby Bear. I'll just sit on it a while!" With these words, Goldilocks sat herself down onto the little chair which, quite unused to such a sudden weight, promptly broke a leg. Goldilocks crashed to the floor, but not in the least dismayed by the damage she had done, she went upstairs.

There was no mistaking which was Baby Bear's bed.

"Mm! Quite comfy!" she said, I bouncing on it. "Not as nice as mine, but nearly! Then she yawned. I think I'll lie down, only for a minute just to try the bed." And in next to no time, Goldilocks lay fast asleep in Baby Bear's bed. In the meantime, the Bears were on their way home.

"Wasn't the new Beaver baby ever so small?" said Baby Bear to his mother. Was I as tiny as that when I was born?"

"Not quite, but almost," came the reply, with a fond caress. From a distance, Father Bear noticed the door was ajar.

"Hurry!" he cried. "Someone is in our house . . ." Was Father Bear hungry or did a thought strike him? Anyway, he dashed into the kitchen. "I knew it! Somebody has gobbled up the pudding."

"Someone has been jumping up and down on my armchair!" complained Mother Bear.

"and somebody's broken my chair!" wailed Baby Bear.

Where could the culprit be? They all ran upstairs and tiptoed in amazement over to Baby Bear's bed. In it lay Goldilocks, sound asleep. Baby Bear prodded her toe.

"Who's that? Where am I?" shrieked the little girl, waking with a start. Taking fright at the scowling faces bending over her, she clutched the bedclothes up to her chin. Then she jumped out of bed and fled down the stairs.

"Get away! Away from that house!" she told herself as she ran, forgetful of all the trouble she had so unkindly caused. But Baby Bear called from the door, waving his arm:

"Don't run away! Come back! I forgive you, come and play with me!"

And this is how it all ended. From that day onwards, haughty rude Goldilocks became a pleasant little girl. She made friends with Baby Bear and often went to his house. She invited him to her house too, and they remained good friends, always. The End.

*Dorang cakap rambut saye macam rambut goldilocks :P


A headache is a pain in the head. A headache can be caused by some other physical disorder, or it may be a disorder in and of itself.

There are three major types of headaches: tension (or stress), migraine, and cluster. A tension headache is caused by the tightening of muscles in the neck and head. A migraine headache occurs when blood vessels in the brain dilate (swell up). Cluster headaches are characterized by very severe pain.

Tension headaches are probably the most common form of the disorder. Nearly everyone has a tension headache from time to time. Migraine headaches are less common. Headaches can also be caused by other kinds of diseases, injuries, and disorders. Headaches of this kind are not discussed in this entry.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Buat pertama kalinya..

Saye berpeluang untuk menonton bola secare LIVE di depan tv! Muahahaha. Maklumla, orang yang tak rajin tengok bola macam saye ni bile dapat tengok sekali skala, perasaan batak tu tibe tibe muncul dengan sendirinya. Hahahahaha. Ni sebenarnye baru lepas tengok bola la ni.

Hari ni : Spain VS Russia

Mula-mula tadi da tido da dlm pukul 11pm camtu. Pastu dalam pukul 3am camtu tetibge terbangun. Tengok abah ade beli Teh O Ais Limau ngan Megi goreng 2. Satu untuk man, satu untuk saye, walaupun tak di minta. Sebab memang slalu kirim abah untuk belikan makanan kalau die ade keluar pergi mamak ke mane-mane ke pepagi ni. Esp time musim EURO ni. Hehe.

Lepas tu, sambil-sambil makan tu tengok la jap dorang nye perlawanan. Selalu pun macam tu. Tapi selalu tengok jap je, lepas abis makan trus sambung tido balik. Tapi kali ni ntah kenape tetibe berminat nak tengok sampai abis. Time tu still 0-0. Tensen gak tengok bola ni sebenanye. Tapi SERONOK! lagi-lagi bile goal! Hahahaha.

Atas ni asal fabregas jersi no 18 lak? waduh3

Tak kisah la. Best gile tadi Spain menang 3-0! dan berjaye untuk ke final menentang GERMANY! hehe. go SPAIN! i lap u! Lawa lak dorang nye passing style. Dan pemainnya kacak-kacak belaka. Esp yang bejersi no. 10 tu la. Hehe. Tapi jersi no 21 tu pun ensem gak. iaitu, SILVA! hahaha. Yang lelain pun ensem gak. Bukan takat ensem je, tapi tere juge! Esp, Torres (ain punye) dan juge Villa (farah punye). hahahhaa :P

Penjaring pade minit ke 50, Xavi Hernandez. 73, Guiza dan 82, SILVA! yeyy! Bile dorang goal je cepat-cepat saye menghantar msg kpd rakan-rakan saye iaitu: Hanim, Farah, Ain, Arep dan juga ATA! Walaupun dorang dah tido. hahaha. feel batak tak abis lagi ni sebenarnye. Tapi takde la batak mane pun. Masih di paras yang normal. haha

Ngantoknye! Dah la esok ade sekolah. Bukan esok tapi hari ni! haha. Ayoyoyo. OK la, nak sambung tido jap! Pukul 6 nanti nak bangun balik. Man pun dah masok tido da. Ni saje je curi mase untuk update blog.

Atas ni time lepas David Silva goalkan pada minit ke-82 utk spain tadi!:D
Papepun, MUTU (romania) jugak yang paling bermutu! (wpun da kalah) hehehe.:P

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally Im happy because..

I changed my layout entirely! wohooo! Sungguh gumbira! Sungguh letih juga. Hahaha. Gile penat nak edit-edit layout blog neh. Actually codes die tak jauh beza ngan myspace nye codes. Cuma kene pandai sesuaikan diri dan memahami codes tersebut la. So nanti senang nak tukar-tukar. Hehe. Best nye pink hitam! I likeeee! :)

Btw, it's just the same as my previous template (rounders) but i changed some of the HTML codes and made it look like this. Didnt pick any template from any website coz i'll be more satisfied if i do it by myself. hahhaa. Kinda tough+hard+tiring at first and need some patience+time to get the look that i wanted but..

Finally, yayyy!! i did it! haha :P

And im feeling so exhausted right now. Havent stop editing the template since 12.50pm (and now it's 3.45pm). But at the same time, im happy and proud that i can finally understand the codes and learned some new things! bahahaha.

*Still not satisfied with some of the view but i'll try to fit with it later.

*updated-280608!Click HERE to view my previous template.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scene Queens

Hanna Beth and Audrey Kitching!:)

The sites that I will always visit : Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth

Rase Geram

Macam biase, saye akan online sambil memainkan game untuk abang saye. Iaitu game Runescape! Sementara saye online kat pc die ni die suh mainkan skali. Saye tak kisah sangat mainkan game die ni tapi yang paling saye menyampah adalah bile game tu jadi macam ni..

Tekan untuk besarkan.

Cube tengok atas blah kiri tu, die tulis: Connection Lost and blablabla.
Bermakna:Line internet tak clear!

Tersekat-sekat macam kentut busuk. Dan menyampah betul saye bile dalam mase 2minit die ok, pstu connection lost balik. Pastu die terlog out dengan sendirinye. So log in la balik, pastu same jugak. Sekat-sekat. Ceeeess!

Pastu bile line tak clear ni, nak YM pun susah. Haih, pahal ntah line tibe-tibe tak btol ni. Tadi ok pulak.Tensen betul lah!=/


hai guys!:)

Been sooo busy on weekdays. Havent have much time to do some updates. So just wanna post some pictures of Audrey Kitching. I love her hair! Niceeeeee, stylish and so PINK! muahaha. You dont know Audrey Kitching? well, I dont really know her but i found her pictures somewhere in myspace very LONG time ago. So NICE and Impressive. haha. She's a model, a famous and pretty one! haha :D

And yesterday i searched for Avenged Sevenfold LIVE video on youtube. and see the related vids also. Then, i searched for Synyster Gates (a7x's lead guitar) Solo. Haha. Dunno why I clicked on his slideshow and it's background music is so cool! So i searched for the bg music. (LOL) and there's suddenly a video of the music I searched with Audrey and Hannabeth pictures slide. It actually reminds me of the pink hair girl i found on myspace years ago. Haha.

Well, dun want to say much. Just enjoy these pictures of Audrey and Hanna i found over the internet! Haha. They're sooooooooooooo amazingly gorgeous and pretty (for me). Audrey, I like her hair and wish i could make mine like hers one day.(in my dream,at least)LOL.:P Btw, there's some pics of her with diff hair color and they're so nice tho! but i like her more in PINK and black! and Hanna, she's pretty with her black shinny hair! hehe :D

Nice black and pink, right!:)
This one is not pink but it's still nice!

Torquise (camne tah eja) haha.

It's Audrey and Hanna Beth!:)

Her with Hanna

Verrryy PINK! i like!:)
Here's some of Hanna Beth Pictures!:)
I like her also lah. PRETTY!:)

Pretty in BLACK hair! :)
*Cant get enought? coz they're so gorgeous!

So very the PRETTY right? Envy them! and both of them are my favourite!
*Will post some info bout them LATER if im not busy&lazy.k,daa=)