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Monday, August 18, 2008

Something miracle..

WHAT? err.. actuallly. it's not that miracle. it's just today, I got the mood to reply my friends comments on myspace je. HAHA. What a miracle! hehe. Miss to have the mood to reply their comments. Ugh and i just changed my display picture on myspace. hehe

Myspace is not everything. But it has been a part of my routine when i get online. Everyday i'll do some check ups on my myspace, friendster and blog! Then i'll just let it online eventhough im lazy to do things such as replying comments,msgs,or approving friend request. I just LOVE to do so. Haha.

Well, not all myspacer is a loser. No. MYSPACER is not a loser la actually. It depends on how we act and how we deal with others. and how we THINK bout them. Sometimes ppl just LOVE to say and think bad things bout others.

For me, all my myspace friends are nice. haha. yeahh they're nice. You're nice! The way they talk the way they reply my comments. No harsh words. Maybe ade la jugak sikit-sikit but nvm, i can deal with it. haha. and bout the snobbish. I dont think they're snob. Maybe it take times for them to get along atau mereka busy. Yeah. Or they just laaaaaaaazy to updates. Like me. Ehem. hehe.

Look! it's all about what you think not what they think. I mean, what inside your head la. Think positive and we'll brightly see only positive things appear in our surrounding. Haha. Kalau tak berkenan dengan sesetengah orang sebab gayenye, just let it be. Dont attack with harsh words! They'll angry! sure, sape yang tak marah kan?

So guys! lets we be POSITIVE. think POSITIVE and everything will be fine. Terima dengan hati terbuka. Redha dengan segale yang terjadi. Dont blame anyone. Coz what happen is happen. Think bout future and you'll see the HAPPINESS.

Cheyy. ayat tak bleh bla je. Ingat nak cite pasal hari ni termelalut cite pasal bende lain. Bile start pasal myspace je mesti akan terpesong pergi tempat lain. Haha.