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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Something to be told

Listen to me, birdies.

I've learned something, and I found that numbers will eventually limits your words and expression. NOT yours, but MINE. So I don't really want to know about that anymore. I was just a little girl back then, wanting to be heard and to be read by many. (to be respected) Now, It's time for changing. So I've vanished all section with numbers, except for dates and time. I want to be MORE me. I was really frightened and burdened by numbers back then. But now, I am free without any. and your feedback isn't needed anymore. If you wish to say something anything about me or my posts, just keep it to yourself. :)

Well, people label me based on what they see me on the screen, or based on any numbers asscociated with me : followers, comments, or even the recent visitors. I know people will never stop labeling and judging other people, it's a routine for them, you know. but I don't want to be labelled with such thing anymore. It's nothing. Really. So I must get back on track to the main reasons why I am here. I believe it's not about popularity. It's more to my own medium of expression. I express what I want here, either it's for sharing or for complaining, in any form: layout, pictures, words and songs, perhaps. ANY. Read and explore if you want. I have nothing to care more about that anymore.

I also have deleted the linkers section, which really makes me feel relieved. I do not want to know who linked me, or who should I link. Linking without wanting to know updates is better not to link at all. Deal with it. Delete me if u wish. I am still me. I will read what I want to, as a silent reader. I am full of secrets. I feel better not to follow anyone. Anyhow, I am still glad to know that there are someone somewhere out there who really care about me. Not for the sack of popularity or publicity. Thank you for those who still linking, reading and following.

P/S: It's really my pleasure to notice your existence here, in my blog. :)

Thank you, 12.45pm