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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In a mask, we live

It's like a signboard.

In life, I've met a lot of different types of people. Everyone is with different personality, races and other differences but with only one similarity. Similarity of the needs to be cared and loved by others. Some may look desperate and act patheticly to own this kind of similarity. But others, they just don't care about it. It comes, without a sign. Same to how its finally faded.

Well, now im talking about friendship. So far, I am so glad that my friends are all nice and not a backstabber. Syukur alhamdulillah. I don't know if they ever backstab me or what, the truth is, I don't want to know about that. Act nice in front of me and talk not-so-nice behind, it's all up to you. The sins is yours, and the other person who listens to you then believe everything you said also commit the same sins.

Nothing is wrong with them. I still befriend with them (if they ever exist). They do not affect me, as they don't really being part of me. For me, talk-bad-behind thing is a way of friendship. When we befriend with someone, sometimes we don't have the guts to tell them the truth about what we really felt about them. The good or the bad. Ego has make us living in this world with hatred and fulfills it with hypocrisy.

"We are living in a mask. Mask Rider Mask of life." Picture Credit.

It's a way of living now. Really-really good friend is really-really hard to find. So, just be friend with the good one, without the 'really'. Or maybe, the one that LOOKS good and nice. You don't have any choices, do you? They are the only people who will always be around you. You see everyday, and talk to everyday. If not, your lives will be kind of meaningless. Come on guys, they are your adventure! It's art of living. So, just deal with it. As for me, I don't really choose my friend. Befriend with a lot of people is really interesting, you know :)

Do not be so emotional about friends. They may affect your lives somehow, but it's just a way of live. What, do you expect friends to be all nice to you? They might be exist in fairytale. But in the real life is a No way. They're also human beings, with love and hatred side of them. You can't force them to be nice to you all the time. Same goes to you. We are all human. We do make mistakes and sometimes it hurts other feelings, without our conscience.

Take it and leave it. Befriend, but don't let them affect big part of your live. It is a friend control. We have much things to do rather than to think about it, right. Oh by the way, I talked too much. Oh. no. I mean, WE TALKED to much. because u're reading this, you have to speak it in your mind/heart right which means, you are talking too, right. Haha. Okay, at first I wanted to post some pictures of me with my friends, but... I failed to work it out just like what i have planned. Uhm, nevermind. I will do it sometime later. I do have plenty of time now. :)

P/S: Be nice or not, it's really your own demand to do so.

Thank you, 6,50pm