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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Personality Test

The result of my Personality Test.

Your total score is 16 and the average score is 14.81
Your Grade ** Average **

Your answers you gave indicate how emotionally stable you are. A score of 20 and above indicates that you are stable, balanced and free from emotional shifts. A score of less than 10 is characteristic of someone who is more likely to feel stress in life and seeks greater relaxation.

Emotional stability: Emotionally stable individuals describe themselves as calm and composed. They are satisfied with their life and their ability to cope with daily challenges. They are relaxed and assertive individuals. They know their own minds and are comfortable with themselves. Optimistic and positive, they find it easier to deal with criticism constructively.

Emotional reaction: Emotionally reactive individuals admit to a variety of problems in coping with day-to-day situations and are often tense and anxious. They are worried about what others think and are deeply affected by circumstances. They are concerned about the future and are often dissatisfied with their past achievements. Having been let down by others in the past may have taught them to be suspicious of the motives and abilities of other people.

This result is only a snapshot of your personality. It does not mean that you necessarily behave in the way described above all the time. If, like most people, you occupy the middle ground between these two extremes, sometimes you will behave in both ways.

Nevertheless, from time to time most of us feel we would like to widen our behavioral repertoire and we often show this by admiring the qualities we see in others. If you examine the table below, you may be able to identify things that you admire in others or areas where you would like to improve. Some development activities are suggested under each personality type.

Emotionally stable:
Sometimes I am too relaxed.
Some people think I don't really care.
I would like to motivate myself more.

Find things to do which excite you more.
Talk to people more about what matters to you.

Emotionally reactive:
I am too stressed out.
I wish I could feel less anxious.
I sometimes lose my temper too easily.

Apply relaxation or stress management techniques.
Get better feedback.