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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally Im happy because..

I changed my layout entirely! wohooo! Sungguh gumbira! Sungguh letih juga. Hahaha. Gile penat nak edit-edit layout blog neh. Actually codes die tak jauh beza ngan myspace nye codes. Cuma kene pandai sesuaikan diri dan memahami codes tersebut la. So nanti senang nak tukar-tukar. Hehe. Best nye pink hitam! I likeeee! :)

Btw, it's just the same as my previous template (rounders) but i changed some of the HTML codes and made it look like this. Didnt pick any template from any website coz i'll be more satisfied if i do it by myself. hahhaa. Kinda tough+hard+tiring at first and need some patience+time to get the look that i wanted but..

Finally, yayyy!! i did it! haha :P

And im feeling so exhausted right now. Havent stop editing the template since 12.50pm (and now it's 3.45pm). But at the same time, im happy and proud that i can finally understand the codes and learned some new things! bahahaha.

*Still not satisfied with some of the view but i'll try to fit with it later.

*updated-280608!Click HERE to view my previous template.