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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Try this game. It's kinda hard but fun! :)
and try to figure out without the directions.
(click the right bottom to refresh and it's left for the aim)

If it's too hard, then u can refer to the directions below:
-open grey lid, press yellow arrow
-fire cannon set in low position agaist the wood
-open window on bottom left, click red arrow
-set cannon in HIGH position,
-fire against the Bell(door will open)
-set cannon in LOW position,
-fire bomb and press wood while bomb is mid-air,
-you will make it explode without damage.
-Do same for second bomb
-with cannon in the LOW position fire blu key.
-the man in prison will use it to door
-fire empty cannon, the man will drop in the cannon.
-press yellow arrow to make new man
-set the cannon to HIGH position and fire man near Bell.
-press spiked lever to make it lower, just for the man to pass safely
-click on man under bell, it will move wooden structure
-click bell 3x, rock will make the bomb explode,
-click door on the left, man will enter building
-click man in prison, dog will drop from box,
-press on window above prison quickly.
-A piece of stone will fall killing the dog.

Congratulation if u can make it till the end.:)