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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Everything seems not right.

My mood, my heart, my brain, my body, my soul, my stomach, my bla bla bla..
in fact, everything started with MY which is MINE.
even my face isnt right..
*sebab ade jerawat baru tumbuh. hihi. =P

Im feeling emotionless la right now. really.
and to be honest, im feeling emotionless like all the time! huahuahua.
a bit sensitive too.
School? i miss school, but not as much as i miss ME!

Maybe it's because I havent eat much for such a long time.
and i cant remember when was the last time i actually did.
I dont eat much during holidays tho.
and maybe that's the reason why im feeling sick/ill/unhealthy/THESE.

Yeah. or maybe there's another reason.
but it's just a MAYBE.
Nothing is clear nowadays which i hope it'll be clear soon.
and i cant see clear enough.
(not because im rabun even i am actually rabun. haha)

it's just so blur.
maybe i think too much even not as much as my sleeping hours.
but it's still much for me.
and maybe that's why im always sleeping.
so that i can forget things.
and just keep dreaming and dreaming.

wasting time, right? and useless too, i know.
but one thing im so sure is,
schooldays is about to started
and i dont think i care about *someone

i dun even miss the someone as much as i did..
and im glad that i dun feel/care anything about the *someone anymore.