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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hapland 2

Before trying this game, you should try the first one. Click Here.
The second one is very tough.

But you can only make it till the end with the help of solutions i gave, some of your patient and ability to understand the solutions. :)

Open the trapdoor on the hill then click on the signpost to change it to the green arrow, click the yellow arrow below it - this will make the man jump down through the trapdoor.

Then click the signpost again to change it back to the red dot, click the box on the right of the man with the yellow stickers, a bomb will come out and the man will throw it up. Click the yellow arrow at the right time and the bomb will explode the door on the right. (this took me AGES to get right but basically its just after the man throws the bomb but not immediately after...)

Click the pinkish lid of the bomb making box on the right a few times - it will fall down then click on the man and he will go into the house on the right.

Close the lid of the connector underground that leads to the circular engine with black arrows either side - this will turn on the engine. Click on the right arrow of the engine, then the stairs next to the bomb-box - the stairs will move to the right. Ring the door bell of the house on the right to make the man climb up to the catapult

Click the lamp under the bird on the upper left side, press the connector to the left of it to turn it on. (light will highlight the pile of bombs)

Click the bird to make it take a bomb and fly to his nest on the right with it. While he's above the second cloud, click the cloud and he will drop the bomb on the catapult.

Do the same with the another bomb, but let the bird drop it on the antennas by clicking the first cloud - they will explode.

Now carefully - will have to get timing right - click the first cloud until it explodes and releases rain - assume acid rain?!. Then immediately click the man on the catapult and the bomb will fly through the rain, burn the flag and explode the mine on the third floor of the left building.

Click on the man next to the exploded mine, he will jump one floor down.

Click the trap door on the far left of the third floor and a man and fly will be released. Before the fly flies away, click on the ventilator in the wall and the fly will be sucked to the other side disturbing the man with the lever.
Immediately click the man that jumped down and he will cross under the box to the left side.

Click the man under the box to make him pull the lever to open the wooden trap door. Click on the man that came out of the trapdoor and he'll jump down to the ground floor. Click the arrow below him to the right then click the man to make him pull the lever and the water will move to the right.

Click the the uppermost man to make him pull the lever and release the box to release a fish which will jump into the water and swim to the right and be hooked by the fisherman

Stop the water and click on the fisherman to make him eat the fish and jump up to the roof next to the bird. If you still have a bomb up there make the bird take it away. Click on the man and he will enter the door and close it. An underground fire will be lit.

Turn on the water again then make the man on the catapult go back to the house by turning the signpost to green and pressing the yellow arrow. Once he's inside and the light has come on, open the window and the green eye blob will fall down. Click it and it will go to the left, swallow the wooden box and jump into the water. As the water is moving to the right, the blob explode the mine.

Turn on the underground engine and click the left arrow and click the stairs to make them move to the left.

Ring the doorbell and the man will come out and climb the stairs. The second he's on the box click it and he will jump in. I had to restart from here a few times - test it before you ring the doorbell if it helps!

In a weird car he will drive into the water. Open the underwater gate - the gold coloured drill - and he will pass through, climb the stairs out of the water and enter the door.
The other underground flame will be lit.

The click the connectors under the two underground fires and enjoy the ending!

Too hard? and still can't make it? Dont give up so fast.
If i can end this game, you also can. :)

If it's too small, click Here for a BIG and CLEAR one.
and Here for another great solutions for the game.(Easier with pictures)

Good luck! :D


Anonymous said...

Susah gila game ni..

EykaHamasuba said...

memang susah pun! tapi kalo slow2 lelame ok la. :)