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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sometimes, I just want to turn back time
and be a kid back...

so that i can cry as much as i want to..
as loud as i wish..
and as long as i could..
whenever i feel like i want to
without thinking bout
what anyone else will think about me..
and what i do to show my feeling
is just,crying and keep crying..
until there's no more tears to fall,
and finally im feeling so free, and relieved
so that, i can keep smiling again


ayyman rahim. said...

bestttttttttt kan?

Bakish said...

Alololo dont cry babyy

p//s: gmbr atas ni superb cun sial

EykaHamasuba said...

Ayyman: a'ah memang best gle time kekecik dlu. nanges tak hengat! hahahaha.

Bakish: tau takpe.gamba die naisssssss.ske gle!:)