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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


hai guys!:)

Been sooo busy on weekdays. Havent have much time to do some updates. So just wanna post some pictures of Audrey Kitching. I love her hair! Niceeeeee, stylish and so PINK! muahaha. You dont know Audrey Kitching? well, I dont really know her but i found her pictures somewhere in myspace very LONG time ago. So NICE and Impressive. haha. She's a model, a famous and pretty one! haha :D

And yesterday i searched for Avenged Sevenfold LIVE video on youtube. and see the related vids also. Then, i searched for Synyster Gates (a7x's lead guitar) Solo. Haha. Dunno why I clicked on his slideshow and it's background music is so cool! So i searched for the bg music. (LOL) and there's suddenly a video of the music I searched with Audrey and Hannabeth pictures slide. It actually reminds me of the pink hair girl i found on myspace years ago. Haha.

Well, dun want to say much. Just enjoy these pictures of Audrey and Hanna i found over the internet! Haha. They're sooooooooooooo amazingly gorgeous and pretty (for me). Audrey, I like her hair and wish i could make mine like hers one day.(in my dream,at least)LOL.:P Btw, there's some pics of her with diff hair color and they're so nice tho! but i like her more in PINK and black! and Hanna, she's pretty with her black shinny hair! hehe :D

Nice black and pink, right!:)
This one is not pink but it's still nice!

Torquise (camne tah eja) haha.

It's Audrey and Hanna Beth!:)

Her with Hanna

Verrryy PINK! i like!:)
Here's some of Hanna Beth Pictures!:)
I like her also lah. PRETTY!:)

Pretty in BLACK hair! :)
*Cant get enought? coz they're so gorgeous!

So very the PRETTY right? Envy them! and both of them are my favourite!
*Will post some info bout them LATER if im not busy&lazy.k,daa=)