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Monday, April 06, 2009

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Hulla hoop! Haha. Today, we've finished discussing our synopsis in each chapters of form 5 literature which is The Pearl. To be honest, i havent done reading any chapters, yet! I do have read some paragraphs in chapter 1, but it was just soo little of it. Only 2 pages out of 80-something. =,="

Haha. The sentences in the novel are so deep-meaning, and for me, it's kinda hard to understand. It's very classical. That's why i gave up reading it. Plus, novels are not really my type of ice cubes. Not so addictive and seductive enough for me. HAHA. So far, ive only done The Phantom Of The Opera.

But for The Pearl, ive read the synopsis, and i think i can catch the story. So, today when teacher was telling us about the two last chapters which im not familiar with, i decided to sketch the synopsis of whole chapters in the novel. Ok, let me show you what ive sketched.

|Clickable mode|

Haha. I know it's not too details but it's simple and easy for me to understand. Let me get you into the descriptions for what ive sketched up there.

Okay. It's about one happy family Kino, Juana and their son, Coyotito. One day, a scorpion had bitten their son. Her mother, Juana called the doctor but the doctor refused to come just because they're poor.

So, one day I dont remember how, but Kino had found a rare most-expensive and hard-to-find pearl. The news spread really fast and furious 4. hahahaha. Everyone now knew about the pearl. Meanwhile, Kino had dream of something to do with the pearl, other than to cure his son. Which is,

-to get officially married in the church
-to buy new clothes for his family
-to buy a new harpoon
-a rifle
-and an education for his son.

He wanted to sell the pearl but the pearl buyer lied to him and said that the pearl is just a common pearl and he will only buy it for i-dont-remember the amount. But it's a cheap price. So, Kino decided not to sell the pearl. He went back home and someone attacked him for the pearl.

Her wife, Juana worried and she decided to throw away the pearl because she thought that the pearl had bring evil to their family. But Kino are so stubborn plus greedy plus hot-tempered so he stopped Juana from throwing the pearl away. Juana fell down. Huh! What a husband~ =,="

After that, they've been attacked again but this time, Kino accidently killed the attacker. So, they hide themselves in a cave. and after that I forgot. Haha. I only remember teacher said that someone accidently shot his son with a gunfire(?). Something like that. So, their son dead. And they went back to La Paz, and Kino finally threw the pearl into the ocean. THE END.

That's all about. So how was it? Ive skipped some parts, but i think i can make it till the end. I skipped the part when the doctor came to their house and when everyone turned out to be bad and wanted the pearl so badly, also the part when they burnt Kino's house. and many other parts.

Read it and you'll know it. But if you're tooo lazy to read, just pay attention and do not ever skipped your literature class. Haha. Or just read the synopsis from any reference book. Understand the story and then you can sketch your own synopsis. Hehe. Believe me, it's easier to remember and understand sketches than some long words.

So yeah
, that is it. I dont know why im posting in English. Maybe it's because of im telling about english literature so i think better i typed in english. Eventhough I know there are muuuuuuuch of grammatical errors in my typing, i still want to type in English. Hehe. Such a long time i didnt speak in english neither in the net nor in the real life. I only did it on papers and during orals. huhu =,="

Nevermind about the language. Bahasa will still be my first language. =D. Btw, i really likeeeeeeeee the song Trouble Is A Friend veery much. I dont know why. Keep on listening to the song over and over again. Hehe. Ok. That's all for today. Veerry much WORDS, i know. Haha. Thanks for reading! See you in the next post! :)

THE END, 5.18pm


Charymien said...

your sketch look really nice!

~myraie~ said...

agreed with charymien!

btw,i pon suke lagu trouble is a friend tu

Nice song! thankss

Alia Izzati said...

ari tuh alia ade gak bace skit buku tuh
hehehe curik bace kat klas bdak f5 skola alia
boring giler dowh

nami o fish said...

in english?oh now that's good..

aaahh,The Pearl.I've read the book few years back and it's a great story.

This is the right way to introduce English to students-not by Science and Maths.

Is Science and Maths in English difficult for you Eyka?Because during my time,it was in Bahasa,yet there's so many people flunked at exams.I bet there will be more,right?

Welcome to serious English literature.Go to Borders Times Square and find some serious English texts,from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens.George Orwell is great too!

nami o fish said...


It's a great story.Plus,I think it's around 30 pages,right?

You never read 200++ English texts with some old English words in Shakespeare I guess.

Reading is fun!

~myraie~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eylaaaaa said...

i agreed yang human brains memorize pictures well than words(:

anyway,tu cat eyka kan?cute meh.i loikee.c(=

Bule said...

the pearl..

zAman sekolah..best2

Bule said...

the pearl..

zAman sekolah..best2

fina. said...

dlu waktu belajar the pearl ktorg kne belakon.hihi.
btw, comel je sketching.
kreatif tu utk ilmiah.

SHAHMI said...

haha lukisan tu kalau buat nota best gak ouh.... =D
bila cikgu mintak nota kasi je lukisan tuh....
lengkap sume.....
hahaha... xD

Arab said...

The Pearl best ouh.

Tp Phantom of Opera lagi best!
Cian Eric.

Nice drawing =)

dianalulu said...

Eyka, Eyka buat diana suka lagu tu giler giler giler giler!

Lirik dia fushhh! ade kene mngena dgn diana!
Thanks eyka!!!

l i n a said...

used to read this book before
i love it and feel so sad for kino and juana
esp for juana
hilang beby die sbb kino yg tamak kot
dah suruh buang pearl tuh awal2 die xnk
egt leh kaye dgn pearl tuh
padahal their life become much worse after finding that pearl
just too many lessons u can get from this novel .!
good literature for me!
and yes i love phantom of the opera too!

adiratnashee said...

noe some secrect!
i x hbes bace pun the pearl tuh.
infact x pnah bace.
harapkan cikgu terangkan and pemahaman sendiri.
&& i got a1 fer english.
omg. blagak kah itu?
ouh tidak. ku bersyukur!
ouh i loike phantom!!

.i am me. said...

kreatif ouh nota!
tampal aje dlm buku tulis.
cikgu cnfirm xkesa sbb cute gile! :D

Ruhil Rosley said...

sketch itu berkesan.
pandai sketching la si eyka ini.
btw yang part last tu.
coyotito tu menangis.
si hunter ingat tu suara macam coyote pup.
sebab tu dia tembak.
so dia tembak coyotito sebab dia ingat coyotito itu ialah coyote pup.
cerita dia memang best walaupun literature macam susah sikit.

~Syaquost Eichizen~ said...

aku suke nota ko tuh.. nampak gempak giler dan seronot untuk dibaca sambil minum ice lemon tea.. hahaha..


Aisya J said...

Nice sketch!

GLORYecha™ said...

haha. ecah bru ja blaja psl kino's dream td ;p

lala said...

very good. it might help you improve your english . I'd do it too. :)

NIMI♥ Co. said...

i pon ske the pearl

Izzati Hazwani said...

someone-wani.blogspot.com suda tuka kpd ;

Miss N. said...

kreatif la die :)

Alia Izzati said...

actaully kite cume bace the first 5 pages jewk...
psl time tuh sebenar nyer tgh ade perjumpaan ko-kurikulum
kan kite kate kite curik2 bace

FLOY said...

kalau tak silap pemburu pearl tu salah tembak..diorang ingatkan yang gerak2 dalam semak tu anak rimau ke ape ntah, tu yang tembak..sekali tengok anak mamat yang jumpa pearl tu..


dr jekyl and mr hyde lagi best..saspen gile baca ...


cikyuyu said...

bapak boring baca THE PEARL,
hahhah :DD
seyes masa kak yuyu sekolah
kalo tyme balaja THE PEARL,

TIDO jer, coz tak paham apa2.

sarahunny said...

SKETCH LAWA! hehe tingat zaman skulah dulu.. pearl bez bez!

EykaHamasuba said...

thanks for the comments! hehe.. :)

farteen said...

ur sketch cute gler!
bt0l2..sketch mcm ni cpt phm n igt..

p/s;dlm the pearl,kino xncem.