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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Myself

Photo by : Svenmarck.

I read a blog just now. and i was like wow, amazing! yeah, it's so amazing. what so amazing? well, the blog and the owner. and the layout. and everything about THAT particular blog i'm walking in to coincidentally.

the writer wrote in English. simple English yet it is so interesting where i didn't notice that i was actually turn to some of the older posts posted by this particular writer. It's like you click the button without realizing that you're clicking the button.

i really admire that kind of blogger. humble and talented. talented yet not exposed. and i really liked it if i can accidentally jumped into that kind of blog more often, where i find it is kind of rare for it to happen. i used to think of having a blog like that before.

simple blog without too much colors as attraction, without songs and other stuff on the widgets, but is filled with just words of expression as postings. without care for the followers without care of anything else but yourself. where you can write what you actually feels to write.

write not for others to read, but write just to share your thoughts, your day, your experiences in your own words. it's like writing for yourself and never bother for others to read your words. it's kind of writing your storyline in a very simple way.

Fly with the words.

ah! i lost words to describe what i actually wanted to convey in the beginning. Never mind eyka, just move on with your life! and to that particular writer, you're amazing! and i know that you don't know that i am actually talking about you! :)

Well, everyone has their own style of writing. as for me, i changed depends on time and situation. sometimes i prefer that way and the other time i prefer the other way. it's like changing together with your hormones.

it feels like there are two souls in my body. and i don't know which one is the true one. this one or the other one? how i wish i can invent things that can help me answering every single questions that always running trough my mind. *Sigh Sengih ;P

Starting from now i will create a section, maybe once per week or once per month or depends with my mood where it is a section for me talking to myself, similarly like this one. English or malay let the time decides. or maybe i'll post in some other languages, with the help of any free online translator! tehe :P

P/S: i remember that; last time i also have this kind of monolog dalaman section in my blog. hehe :D

END, 2.55pm.