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Monday, May 19, 2008


Obsessed Myspacers -

There has to be a photo of you, overlooking yourself from the top, self snapped. Mirror captured photos of you and your friends in the toilets, shopping malls, in you room playing dress up, in the car etc. You ask people for photo comments and you pretend to be friendly just so you could get famous. You bulletin your online status in hopes of people would actually notice you and say Hi. You say, 'I miss you', 'Your cute' without actually meaning it. Bergambar dengan DSLR trend masa kini. Some of you even make up 'groups' and then the next day you'll walk around KLCC the whole lot of you. Sumpah macam pendatang. You add up people to prove to yourself that you have a lot of friends .

There are a bunch of categories of Myspacers:

a) Emo Suicidal - You complain about how lonely you are and how you want to kill yourself for all the problems that you have been through. Pfft. We all have problems loser.

b) Barbie's/Ken's - You style well, wear big-big-big sunglasses, and show off your branded clothings. You only hang with good looking people and diss other people off. You reject rempit's, emo's, and other people whom you conclude is not cool. You pretend you're a pop princess without a care in the world.

c) Amateur Photographers - You have an album captioned 'photography' and have all your artwork in it. Showing off your DSLR's when actually you only snap photos using Auto mode. I appreciate your interest in the art but please stop making a fool out of yourself and other photographers. Ohh yess. How to spot them? Read what I've posted before.

d) Minah Cover Cun - You wear tops that shows off your huge disgusting cleavage, wear micromini skirts, bite your finger thinking you look sexy, and most importantly, you're desperate to look for a guy. Ho.

e) Ravers/ Gig-ettes - You have your own clan. May it be shuffling or having your own band. You make up t-shirts in promoting your specialized area and you post up pictures of every 'cool' event you ever went to. What? Your mama grounded you did she? Never had fun before? Events, events, events.


Some of you have 1 or more of the combinations I stated above. I maybe one of them, you choose which. You think I left out on a category? Feel fee to add more to it and tell me all about it. Peace to the universe.

Forwarded from a friend in myspace.

Ok, bagi saya la kan, pedulik la dorang nak buat ape pun, nak jadi ape, nk buat ape. Dunia mereka, mereka punya hal kebebasan bertindak la kan. Kite pn tak kenal dorang siapa so tak boleh la nak cakap sesuka hati pasal orang orang kt myspace tu. Tapi biaselah, manusie kan pandang yang buruk je. Bende yang negetif wpun sekecil kuman kite bole nampak, yang positif kite bole pulak buat buat tak nampak. haha

Yang penting, kite jangan la jadi macam bende yang kita asik cakap-cakap kat orang. Bak kate pepatah: cermin-cerminlah diri tu dulu sblm cermin orang lain. Sibuk hal orang sampai takde mase utk hal kite kejadahnye kan?


A said...

eyka tergolong dalam kategori mane ? ehehehehe :D

EykaHamasuba said...

entah.ana la decide.haha.

girlygirl said...

hey girl, after reading what uve posted.. i can see that u are one of them too. the typical myspacer whom looking for famous. yucksss!!

EykaHamasuba said...

hey girlygirl.really?ok,fine for me la actually.coz i dun think u really know me,do u?hahaha.thanks for being honest.

btw,why dont u put your name and url so i can know who u really are and im sure u're one of the myspacer too,right?:)