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Monday, January 14, 2008

I Miss Myfriends on My Myspace

Yes! I do miss Myfriends on Myspace! :(

Miss to reply their silly questions
Miss to TALK with them
Miss to write a looooooooong comment to them
Miss to laugh together with them
Miss to see their pictures
Miss to tell them my stories
Miss their smiley emoticons on my friend's comments
Miss their caringness
Miss their words, their saying, their page, their songs
Miss their stupid jokes.

and I miss everything about them.

Although they're just my visual friends, they seems to be nicer and more caring than some of my reality friends. They make me smiles and laugh with their stupid words. and they opened my eyes and my narrow mind about life and reality. How? We shared our thoughts and our experiences. How? There's nothing to be explained. It's my fault not to reply their comments. Actually I am quite lazy to reply since Aidiladha last december. I still remember which comments i didnt reply. and when i search it last week, it's over 53pages since my last replied! 1page 50comments. Count it yourself! Everytime when i feels like i want to reply their comments, my laaaaaziness come into my brain and control my mind. Plus, i don't think replying comments is necessary. Besides, i have a lottttttt of works to get done and to be think of. Especially SCHOOL things! I've been very busy with school nowadays. Seriously! :O Oh yea, myspace is just wasting time. I know that! but I missss to waste my time with them! Gahhhh. I am such a useless. But it is my azam! To get slow on myspace and move on with real life and get close to nature! hehehe and from now on, I'll be active in this blogspot. So if you miss me, just come to my blog and leave your missing-me feeling inside the chatbox k! I'll reply if I am online. Wish all the best for you guys! and don't ever say that I forget you! Coz I am NOT a friend forgotter. YES I DO MISS YOU GUYS A LOT! but....(?) hmm.. maybe we'll not be a close friends like we used to be before but remember that I'll never forget you guys especially my close myspace friends! Heeeeeee and you know who you are! :D

Love, EykaHamasuba.


adinda said...

i miss too to talk with you :(
eyka eykaa

Anonymous said...

Eyka! Rindu eyka.. :(

EykaHamasuba said...

waaaaaaaaaaahh qurra! mis talking to you too la adek. adek blaja rajin2. jgn mls2 oke. hehe.. anonymous ni sape? Thx sbb ingat jugak nak rindu.. hahaha

-haniskawaneyka- said...

eykaaaa awak klu taleh bls cmmnt kat myspace pon takpe tp jgn lupe on ym tau. rindunye nak chat :DDD

EykaHamasuba said...

on ym?alamak. on ym pn telupe la hanis. camne ni hanis? hahahhaa ;p