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Monday, January 14, 2008


At last, i've changed my template, change my music, change my picture, change change and change! and now, i am soooooo puas hati. :) Actually my blog was VEEEEEERY messy before. So i decided to clean and make it neat. And now it does neat! (maybe?) hahahahaa I tried to make my own layout but the codes are toooooooo complex and i can't understands any codes. =.=" thought I can use HTML codes like i used to in myspace. But the codes are different! Err. maybe I do understand some codes but when i tried to change it, my blog looks MESSIER! so i decided to use a standard template. Easy, nice, neat and simply clean! hahahaha. Okay, maybe i'll used to this blog's coding HTML later, IF i did my homeworks. Not schoolhomeworks, but coding homeworks. SOON! and i'll make my own layout, my own blog and all the things by my ownself until i get my own satisfaction. Hahahaha. Whatever. It's 12.24am and I want to go to sleep coz i got schools tomorrow. Soooooooooo goodnite reader if there's any reader. Haha if there's no any reader, then i'll just say good night to myself. LOL. Nite nite and sleep tite tite. :)