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Monday, January 28, 2008


p/s: Before reading, I want u to IGNORE any of my grammatical error which u can find a lot of it in my writing, okay? Im not an excellent grammarian (huh?) hahaha but at least im trying! hehehehhee. =p

Okay people. today i want to talk about
Friends! Friends of mine of course!
Friends? What is that? I've search the meaning of friend from 3different dictionaries i have on my table. (and there's another dictionaries too. Cant believe i have a lot of different dictionaries on my table! hahahaha.) okay, According to..

The Oxford Wordpower Dictionary page 274,
Friend is a person that you know and like(not a member of your family)

The Oxford Quick Reference Dictionary page 350,
1, Person one likes and choose to spend time with (usu. without sexual or family bonds)
2, Sympathizer, helper.
3, Ally or Neutral person

The English Dictionary for Advanced Learners page 630,
1, A friend is someone who you know well and like, but who is not related to you.
2, If you're friends with someone, you are their friend and they're yours.
3, If you make friends with someone, you begin a friendship with them.

See? No matter what dictionary i refer to, the meaning of friend are still the same. I believe no one can survive without friends. Tell me if you could! and i shall give u some rewards. Heh. Okay now lets we talk about my friends. Who are they? Where do they live? and what is so special about them? Okay, i have tooooo many friends that i couldnt count the exact numbers! Some are my classmates, ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates. and some are my visual friends which i found in Myspace or Friendster. They are also my friends right? But i have only few bestfriends that im really close to! And here they are. (not in order) I'll write about Syakirah, Ili, Erisya, Adilla, Murni, Sarah, Amirah, Alya, Hashima, Sabrina, Intan and Khalilah. Other than Hanim Hafifi Shaharuddin. Ive wrote about her in my last posting. and Im too lazy to write again. Haha.

Syakirah Binti Azami.

She is my bestfriend in primary school since 2004 and now she is still my bestfriend! I miss her alot! Lots of aload! I miss to talk to her. I miss to see big smile on her face. Miss to laugh to her stupid jokes. Miss to share our feelings and I miss to walk with her every evening and share our stupid stories. Miss her drawing! and most of all, i miss her eyes looking to me. eceh! hahahahaha. Ok, i know now we're not as close as we used to, less-talking, less-face to facing, less-smsing, less-commenting and less everything but our memories are here forever and will never be less, i guess. How could i forget you, Syakirah? NO way. even we had fight. Big fight. Everyone does fight with their friends right? But it was just a misunderstood and now we're still bestfriend right? Forever. Haha she's the first person i cried for. Believe it! How sad i am when we fight! and when she have to moved! FIRST mann! Hardly to see me cry over a friend. But she did! How powerful she is, isnt it? hahaha. I love you, Syakirah. :)

Ili Nuryumni Binti Saufian.

I met her on 2005 when all year-1992 students were transfered from primary to secondary school. She was in the other class but we get close real FAST! how did i know her? From Syakirah! She was in the same class with Syakirah. And then we always go and get back home from school together, by feet! I mean, walking. Sure thing we'll know each other real fast when we always talk while we walk together. But she moved to Bukit Jelutong last year. How sad! But we still contacting to each other. Smssing, story-telling, calling, meeting and sharing. As u can see, she's WHITE! haha and cool. We NEVER been in any fight and we both share lot things in common. Right ili? hahaha even she's kilometres away from me, but i feels like she's here besides me. and i am so comfortable telling her my secrets and that's why i call her my diary! hahahahahaha. bcoz i know she'll never tell anyone about anything i told her. right ili? haha. Saaaaaaaaaaayang awak oi!! hahahhaa. Ok done for Ili. NEXT!

Nurul Erisya Binti Shuhaili.

She is my primary-school friend. But we still in touch and still hang out together when we both are free! She's the FIRST friend i went out together to the shopping mall. Because most of my friends are hardly can hang out. First place we went together is to the Mid Valley with my sisters on 2004, right? Haha. I dont know how we can get close because i just met her in 2004. and we didnt really talk that much in school. It is just we're in the same group. Yeah i miss my group! I mean, my friends! Me, Syakirah, Erisya, Sabrina, Intan and Suhaila! We're prefects! Haha and we go to recess together, finishing our homeworks, doing other stuff etc. Even we're not in the same school when it goes to secondary, but we still meet each other. and now she moved to Terengganu! Mann why all my friends are moving to the other places? It means that i have to put many friends on my need-to-miss friendlist!! Hahaha. =p

Murni Izzati Binti Kamarudzaman.

She's tall! veeeeeeeeery tall! haha. i met her same year like Ili's. But we started to get close only when we're in form 2, remember? hehe. I cant specificly remember how we close and how do we met. But as I remember, I started to notice her appearance when it comes to Rumah Panglima's meeting! hahaha. WE (me,muni,sarah and alis) were in the same sport's house right? And we all were in kawad kawad thingy. But u and alis didnt pass and were not accepted in the kawad like me and Sarah. and when we're in form 2, we started to get close when u told me your feeling about your friends. sad feeling. and we get back home from school together. Started from that, we're close like we are now! and murni, is so sensitive that i have to beware and watch of my behavior and saying just not to hurt her feeling. I loveeeeeeeee her that's why i dont want her to touching2 with me. hahahaha. Ok NEXT!

Sarah Chen Wai Ling.

As you can see, she's chinese but she speak like Malays! and she dont understand Mandarin or Kantonis! hahaha. She's my first chinese friend that im close to and can get along with! Other chinese students (my badge) are grouping to their group only which is all Chinese. But not Sarah. I respect her. Why? Because she can get along with Malays. Not like the others. How can we get close huh Sarah? Hahaha yeah it also started in Panglima's thingy. When we both were accepted to kawad and that's how we get close. She told me her story and i told her mine. and at the same time, she is Murni, Ili and Alis's bestfriend. They're bestfriends! because they're in the same class. I wonder how can i get close to their group? Man.. now i feel like i am orang asing. Hahaha Ok. Im close to Sarah FIRST before ili and murni. but I love all of them, equally! Sarah is the spastic yet nicest and prettiest chinese friend ive ever met! hahaha. And I love you Sarah!!! hehe. :">

Mann.. im so tired right now. and I am soooooooo sleepy! Now it's 3.35pm. Ive wrote this thing since i came back home from school at 1.33 if im not mistaken. 2hours man! I dont know what else to write because I am soo sleepy right now! hehehe. there's some other friends i want to talk about but i think i'll continue later. As soon as i got my mood back and im all recover from my tiredness of school! hahahahhaa. :P

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