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Monday, January 14, 2008

Stupid Video

*Stop the music first before watching this video

This video is extremly hilarious. I laugh my ass out watching this vid. It supposed to be a sad part in the movie Legend of Condor Zero. But the subtitles makes me laugh out loud mann!

"Cirit or die!" "Jamuan air teh" "melengkapkan komputer"
WHAT THE FISH! hahahahahhaa....!!

Pst: There's MORE video like this and i had watched all of them. and they make me laugh man! if you want to watch all the movies, just click HERE okay? :)


Guest said...

Hahahahahahhaha!! Sengal gile video tu..

EykaHamasuba said...

Hehehe tahu takpe. Memang sengal sesgt~

Peyus said...

berair mate + sakit perot gelak tgk vid ni..hahaha..

vid "telur-telur tu" pn lawak giler babeng..hahaha..

DIANA ;) said...

kau enggak lucu argh..

lol ;D

Anonymous said...

hahhaa.. aku adalah nate beruk