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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let see..

Horoscope Compatibility for Cancer
Perfect Partners: Scorpio, Pisces
Nearly Perfect Partners: Taurus, Virgo
Not Your Destiny: Aries, Libra

Okay, let see. Im not gonna talk about my love partner coz i havent found him yet. and i dunno if he does really exist. haha LOL Just want to share my thoughts bout what ive found in the internet. haha just want to highlight Pisces and Aries.

Ok, it says that Pisces is one of my perfect partners! Maybe? coz one of my bestfriends are Pisces and yeah we easily get along. Nice, same interest, cool, easygoing and blablabla. We havent fight for anything, yet. haha. i miss her and i love her!:)

Aries? My bestfriend. She's Aries! it says that aries is not my destiny (since i am a cancerian) and yeah, we do fight a lot! but we still close and we share something precious called Friendship together. and eventho we always fight, we still love each other! hahaha. right hanim?

Well, my mom is also a cancerian while my dad's sign is pisces! and look how romantic they are! hahaha. and it does says that Pisces is a perfect partner for Cancer! Lol. Idk why i made this posting. I dun believe in Horoscope, but i just love to read em! and sometimes, it's true but sometimes not. Mungkin hanya kebetulan saje kan? :D