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Monday, March 31, 2008


Baru balik dr skolah! haha. letih oo.balik2 je online. bosan la pulak asik online je. tapi kalau tak online lagi rase bosan kot? hmm.. niway semalam dah kene marah da oh sbb asik online je. tensen oo! and my sis cakap, do not touch my pc again! huuu.seram gak aa. hahaha. my mom pn marah gak. die cakap asik online je, bile nak study semua. huhu. sedih gak la kene marah. tapi ni still online (bdk tak mkn saman, camtu aa) hahaha. actually on pun curik2 je sbb my sis skrg ni nga study kt die nye u. nnti die balik dalam kul 6 camtu. tapi tak sure gak sbb kadang2 tibe2 je die da muncul. tekejut beruk oh kalau die muncul msti mood tak baik, pstu mule la bebel2.. hahahaha.

oh niway, the 8tv's website still not funtioning la. idk why.. huhu. and about the cd that stuck in the cd-rom. ive told my brother about that and he doesnt said and doesnt do anything. just let it stuck in there LOL. btw, school wasnt really sucks la today. and neither do fun. just normal, i guess. ha ha ha.. idk why but nowadays i doesnt have any mood to study la. bile nak study je mesti rase malas pstu tak jadi study. homeworks lak, bile nak buat je mesti rase malas gak. ha ha ha.. gile oh pemalas! but.. i did my homeworks today, kt skolah. it havent done 100% yet but at least i did my homeworks. haha.

and this evening, my friend asked me to go out with her. jalan-jalan, makan-makan kt kawasan2 sini gak. actually i'd loved to! but it's sooo sunny outside. and i dont think i want to walk outside on this sunny day. very the panas. and plus, of course, lazinessss! haha. but idk. i think i want to go out but at the same time, i just want to stay at home, doing nothing. studying? yeah i do thought of it but.. heh.you know mee..hahahaha. okay la. im sooo tired and i think i want to have some evening nap. see ya later! bebyeee!