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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Just came back from rounding around with my two sistah, about 1 and a half hour ago. WE bought 2 mcflurry cornetto chocs. Actually i want the mixed one but the operator said that there is not m&m. so i changed it to cornetto chocs. okay, 2 cornetto chocs, a large french fries, and a regular coka-cola. The fries are soo yummy! bcoz it's still hot and nyummy! ha ha. oh and i am so not satisfied with the cornetto chocs mcflurry coz the chocs is soooo very the little. sobs.

hm. before going to the mcd, we went to the patrol station. my sister want to pump the tayar. and she said that i must get out from the car. and i get off from the car. then suddenly few rempits came. they also want to pump their tayar,i guess. ha ha. why im telling you this is they're sucks! rempit sucks. lol.. and i havent took my bath yet, remember? lol. ha ha ha. wtv who cares? the rempits really makes me scared la actually. but it's over. now i am home with my beloved family! nyum3. i love my family! hhahaha.

psttt... tomorow is a school day. and i havent done any of my homeworks yet. and dun ever ask about my shoes.. hahaha it stinks lol. baru je basuh last week tapi kotor balik dalam 2,3 hari lps tu. ha ha. idk why and how. but aaahh who cares, right? hehe.